Tuesday, 15 March 2016

25 things that make me happy

Bismillah. Here are the 25 things that make me happy.

1. Smell of newborn babies
2. Smell of freshly mown grass after a rainy day
3. Smell of old books
4. Smell of new books
5. Chick flick movies and novels
6. Weddings and convocation days
7. 8 hours of sleep
8. Tea
9. When someone's willing to teach you how to play that person's favourite game
10. When someone says I'm smart and that makes me all the more attractive
11. Edgar Allen Poe's poems and short stories
12. Keropok ayam
13. Karate
14. When mak ayah say they are proud of me
15. When I make people around me happy
16. Being told "I love you"
17. Video games
18. Seeing puppies
19. Looking at Zahra growing up way too fast (it scares me sometimes. I'm happy, but also scared at the same time)
20. Smell of Romano's red-bottled perfume
21. Smell of you after rain
22. Window shopping for books
23. Beaches and island
24. Sunsets and sunrises
25. Multiple naps in a day and can still sleep at night