Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Past life is hilarious *sigh* '==

Assalamualaikum. This time, I am acting really obnoxious and straightforward. *teehee*. Well, some family of mine read my blog, so I decided to only post something which is not private or confidential *Ceko and Angah, I know you are grinning, or probably laughing your hearts out!*. But, this time, I decide to embarrass myself! *hihi*

Why am I saying that my past life is hilarious? Well, there are thousands of things happened to me, but this is one of the memorable memories which is still vivid in my mind.

hi..em sya skrg dh jarang r bkak sya mmg ske brkwn..em nk n0 tpn awk lh?sje nk brkwn..klau xcye ni n0 tpn sya 01********..miscal @sms je..sya ni pljr tahfiz..

As you can read, I got this message from some friend of mine which I met in infamous social network ; Friend**** . Back then, I was really jual mahal and being a real show-off. *lol*. I think, I said no to him. I said that I don't give my phone number to some stranger whom I know from some social network. But, soon afterwards, I started texting him. And now, we became friends.

You must be thinking,
- Gila snobbish budak ni, orang tu nak kenal je pun
Or maybe,
- Halah, macam lah lawa sangat macam Jessica Alba tu hah, kau nak jual mahal kan?
- Good for you, girl. Jual mahal is one sassy attitude!

Who cares, anyway? Not me! *teehee*
Sekarang, bila fikir balik, yes, it is really funny thinking on how I rejected him just like that. But now I am head over heels on him. *lol*. Yes, he's quite a cool guy, to be honest. But, let me enlighten you something about *drum rolls*


  • The guy has to be taller than me. *Even an inch would do
  • I don't care about skin colour. *But, sun-tanned skin would be an add-bonus =P
  • Hazel eyes *I am head over heels to a guy with hazel eyes. Any random guy would do as long as that guy has hazel eyes!
  • Pandai! Saya suka lelaki pandai, sebab kalau tak faham certain subjects, I could just ask him straight away. 2in1 macam Necsafe! ^^
  • Must be a reader Because I love reading and definitely nak ada benda yang sama kan? ^^
  • And other adds-on 

So, to those girls who think that if they jual mahal, then guys won't like them, YOU ARE WRONG! So, happy flash-back-ing those memories of your past life! I am really sure you would laugh you butts off *hyperbola*

PS True love waits. Just be yourself. Hypocrites going nowhere. Remember that, people!

Apahal suddenly transform into Dr. Love ni?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Blog under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Been busy with loads of stuffs. Will upgrade the site as soon as possible!
PS Thanks to Mr Azri Johan for the review ^^

Monday, 9 May 2011

Decision have been made!

Hiya! Lately, I am in a gigantic *okay, hyperbola!* dilemma. Yes, I need to decide either going to Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan or UiTM for TESL. And I gained lots of opinions on both. Some might say, I better go to Matric because I am still able to pursue in science stream. Some say, I should go to UiTM because they said TESL suits me really well. In the end, I have to make decision under pressure because of some things. I decided to go to UiTM.

The reason[s]? Here are some reasons why I choose UiTM and choose not to go to Matric :

  1. I love English ever since I was in Standard 3. I struggled hard back then to make essays. It wasn't as easy as that, I tell you. I had to start from basic because I am not good in making sentences. I do lots of exercise. It turns out that the hard work turns into passion. 
  2. Even though I got A for Chemistry in SPM, I don't get the same grade for both Biology and Physics, which are vital in science stream. And I do know that being hardworking is not enough when in Matric. Brain is more vital than hard work. Some say I can survive, but I don't target for just survive. I want something more. And I know that, Matric cannot guarantee me that. 
  3. Some of my friends say I have the talent to influence people by just talking. *I am not being show-off or anything* and I think that I could use this so-called talent to educate the next generation the importance in English. Yes, I do know that Malay Language is our bahasa ibunda but English is quite important too. How can you communicate with Somalian if you do not know how to speak in English? 
  4. I am targeting to study abroad and I do a little bit of thinking. I think about what if I don't get good pointer during studying in Matric? Will I be able to go to study abroad? Even a dummy know the answer. No, I won't be able to go to overseas. So, I choose to go to UiTM for foundation in TESL. 

Yes, some people say, I can get what ever I want as long as I work hard to achieve what I want. And, I do know my limit, I do know my strengths and I do know my weaknesses. And I don't think I could work out well if I study in Matric. But to those of my friends who choose to go to Matric, go for it! You guys can do it.

As the Japanese said , Ganbatte!

PS You won't know whether you decision is right until you take the risk. Everything has is pros and cons. My advice, dare to take risk and dare to achieve you dreams. Everybody deserve to get what they want!

Graduation day aka THE LAST DAY IN UTHM

Hiya. Even though I hate every second living in UTHM, the last days seems to be the best days in UTHM. I met new friends who I thought was hopeless but awesome. Yes, the people are awesome, the lecturers are superb, the Mentors are cool, the food is mouth-watering. Everything is superb! Here's are some pictures. Have a sneak peek.

I'm with Viken
 The guys [all are single and AVAILABLE!]
 Ariff Mokhtar and Munierah Ainaa Mukhtar

 Amir and Ayem

 Miran, the sweetheart of Java

 Rahimi, the YaoMing in our class! [Tinggi gila woohhh]

 Me and Ayem

Rafiq and Ayem

I like this pic!

Thumbs up for UTHM

 Man and me

 The sweet couple, Ayem and Nad

 This might be the last time I meet them

Guys, again?

My Syafiq! <3 you satu malaysia!

This is Sam. My guardian angel during the Kembara Malam.
 Me and Amir [ we are both crazies, admit it Amir!]

 Amri, Ayem and me

Amir, Nad, Amri, Ayem, Ainaa[me] and Rafiq

Friday, 6 May 2011


I am confused. I am not sure whether I should choose Labuan Matriculation College or UiTM [TESL]. I am dying to further studies in TESL but I think I would be fine if I go to Matriculation College. Grrr,

Life would be easier if I don't have to decide anything. Wouldn't it be nice if everything be to its own accord? 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Is it wrong to remain silent after a long talk?

Hiya. [The title is weird ey?] 

I happened to think about this after encountered with bunch of weirdos [As if you are not one of'em eyy?]. Yes, bunch of weirdos. Let's do some flashback, shall we?

Back then, when I was in school age, not mature and easily annoyed. Okay, in simple words, I am too easy to get angry and pissed off. Understand? [Nod your head lah!]. Yes, as I said I am easily pissed off. My emotions are unstable. I am deprived of patience back then. When I was in primary school, I happened to throw a duster straight to my classmate's mouth and it bleed. IT BLEED, man! But, one thing for sure, I don't remember the reason of the accident [no prove that I am doing wrong] but it is not that bad and I pitied him now. Sadis '--

And, when I was in secondary school, I am a rebel. An extremist in the history of rebel, I should say. Yes, I do things which you think is impossible to be done by a girl. A naive, innocent girl [but I'm not!]. I punched a guy in the face, I pushed this one very bitch to the wall, I slapped some girls, I kicked people. You name it, I did most of everything. Things which are hardcore, brutal, out-of-mind.

Okay. Now back to 2011. When I was in UTHM [actually, I am still in UTHM until this upcoming Saturday], I learn to be patient. Yes, and it need a lot of patient to gain patience. Get it? To change, it needs a lot of effort, and strength. People around you can't accept your changes without being sarcastic or insults. This is what I can conclude when I am trying to change. [As you can see, I am trying to be more patient.].

M : F, rapat ehh dengan Ainaa?
F : Boleh laa. Kenapa ehh?
M : Tahan pulak dengan dia? Kan panas baran budak tu ~ and babbled all the way

And then F told me the whole story and I was like WTH! If only I could strangled M till she choked and drop dead. See, things like this makes my life is tougher than before.

And, I happened to think that not all the spare times should be filled with conversation. And yet, some people don't think the same. Which include the bunch of weirdos which I mentioned before. Lately, I sensed that they were doing things which I am not fond of [scream, talking in the highest octave, and etc]. And, to show that I don't like that, I remained silent and pretend like as if I am alone in that room and I do pretty much I want as long as it doesn't disturb them. But, in the end, I always ask myself, until when can I hold up the anger? I should either spill it out or just let it be the way it should be.

And yet, I still haven't decide anything yet.

PS Silence is gold. But sometimes, speech is more useful than silence, don't you think?

Nothing much *Just sharing the fun I had when I was in Shah Alam

For the past 4 days, I was in Shah Alam, babysitting my dearest little kiddo, Luqman aka Korochan. he's been really healthy and hyperactive. He likes to talk in his own language which I have no idea what is he trying to say. I bathed him, feed him *not breastfeed him!* and I put him to bed. But, still, I am not yet a good babysitter. On day one, I left him alone while I fell asleep *Silly Mak B*.
But, he's not so fussy. he is pretty much quite universal. He could be a sweetheart to whom he doesn't even know. Let the picture do the talking ~ scroll down, people!