Monday, 3 June 2013

Happy moments

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Hi guys, it has been so long since I last posted something decent here. How's it hanging? Oh well, my life has been hectic these few weeks. Happy and sad things happened. Oh well, that is life. So last fortnight, I went to UPNM with my parents and Angah and Mujib to register my little brother, Muiz there. He's taking Asasi Kejuruteraan there, doing latihan for pegawai kadet something. It was a lot of fun sending him there. I got the chance to see war dance and it was super cool. But... it was kinda sad leaving my little brother behind. Guess he isn't so little anymore. I asked my mom whether she felt like he grows up way too quick and mom didn't say a word. Guess that she was sad at that time too. I felt so overwhelmed for a week, now I am a bit okay I think. I have few friends there so I can ask for their help to look after my baby brother. I guess it felt different because he couldn't call us anytime he wants, and we can't visit him at any time. It's like sending him to a prison. But... all is well. A new friend of mine said that I should be proud because my family is sacrificing him to protect Malaysia. We are proud of you, Muiz. Here are some pictures. Hihi

That's me and that's muiz in the white shirt. Trying to be a big sister, but failed haha.

Messing round with Mujib, the littlest in the family haha. We were waiting for mom and dad and Muiz

Overall, it was a happy weekend. My mom and dad and Mujib stayed at UM for the whole weekend and that Monday. So Monday wasn't so painful as usual haha. And last Saturday, my eldest brother got engaged. He is 25 now. His fiancee is 25 too. I guess it is the right time for them to get engaged. They have been together for so long anyway.

Me and Angah. Alang wasn't there because she didn't have study week and her final exam started the next day.

Angah, me and Kak Hani. Welcoming Nurul Hani Roslan into Mukhtar and Zaiton's legacy hihi.

And right now, gotta struggle for final exam. That is all peeps. May Allah bless!