Monday, 9 May 2011

Graduation day aka THE LAST DAY IN UTHM

Hiya. Even though I hate every second living in UTHM, the last days seems to be the best days in UTHM. I met new friends who I thought was hopeless but awesome. Yes, the people are awesome, the lecturers are superb, the Mentors are cool, the food is mouth-watering. Everything is superb! Here's are some pictures. Have a sneak peek.

I'm with Viken
 The guys [all are single and AVAILABLE!]
 Ariff Mokhtar and Munierah Ainaa Mukhtar

 Amir and Ayem

 Miran, the sweetheart of Java

 Rahimi, the YaoMing in our class! [Tinggi gila woohhh]

 Me and Ayem

Rafiq and Ayem

I like this pic!

Thumbs up for UTHM

 Man and me

 The sweet couple, Ayem and Nad

 This might be the last time I meet them

Guys, again?

My Syafiq! <3 you satu malaysia!

This is Sam. My guardian angel during the Kembara Malam.
 Me and Amir [ we are both crazies, admit it Amir!]

 Amri, Ayem and me

Amir, Nad, Amri, Ayem, Ainaa[me] and Rafiq

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