Monday, 27 June 2011

Still, I wish I am the Iron Lady. I wish I suffered from long-term loss memory. But, still, wishing for something masochist will drive me to nowhere. Wish I could forget everything, excluding the happy and joyful moment. Allah, do makes things easier for me even 1 picobyte. Please ^^

I am still struggling with Malaysian Studies, Oral Skill, Computer Literacy. Malaysian Studies, well, you know, History, I don't like reading all those long-killing paragraph! And, Oral Skills. What's with those phonetic symbols. Oh Allah! Again, please make things a whole lot easier for me. And, Computer Literacy. Err, hate to say this, but the reason I don't fancy learning this subject is because of the educator. No offense, don't mean to bruise your ego or anything. 

Waaaa! Omma ==' I wanna go home. I wanna to get out from here. I am freaking tired. 

Have faith in Allah because every promise from Him is EXACT!

Afraid to say this, but I am still in the relationship of Love-Hate towards Computer Literacy X_X 

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