Wednesday, 28 September 2011

TESL Semester 1: Sayonara

Heya. Assalamualaikum. Have you ever had the feeling of uncertain when you made decision, or maybe, you feel regret once you made the decision? I, once felt both of these. I felt like as if I am not good enough. Not good enough compared to other students from my batch. I could not speak well in English. My family never stayed in any foreign country or whatsoever. My mother and father never speak to me in English at home. In fact, I am the one who should take a look at my mother's work when it is involving with language-based report or etc.

But, things turned out pretty well for me. I am not the kind of students who would work my ass off just to fight  with others. But, here, I have to. I have to compete. I have got no choice at all. Well, even if there's a choice, I would choose to fight. I always have the feeling of regret sometimes. Why do I have to work hard even if I hate this course? Well, I should because I am the one who filled the UPU form. My mom and dad gave me full authority to choose whatsoever course I wanted. I screwed up. A bit. 

But, let bygones be bygones.

I like it now. Alhamdulillah. My on-going assessments marks are quite good. Well, even though I am just stuck in the middle, that's better than nothing. Right? *Half a loaf is better than no bread*

I just wish that Allah would give me good pointer, equal to what I had done during the semester. I hope I could get Band >/= 4. That would be like, so cool!

So, now, I am babysitting while I wait for MUET; Speaking Test (:

Meet Nur Hanani Husna. I called her Nani but her sisters and brother called her Una.

And, this is Razin. He's having his nappy time now :B

Till then, salam (:

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