Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Emak Ayah MUET

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate

I have been in Sarawak since 15th of October. And, the first few weeks, I felt bored because I stayed at home by myself and I don't know what to do and make myself preoccupied. But then, I cooked for lunch, I baked cake and I helped my mom did the nestum biscuit. I also my mom during the Eidul-Adha even though in the end I was extremely exhausted on that day and the day afterward. But still, it's worth a shot. I'm glad, I am here in Sarawak, with my mom and day and the exceptional; Mujib, my youngest brother. Haha.

When I grow older, I mean, people age, aren't they? Ehm, yeah, as I grow older and become less childish and more mature in a non-childish way, I realized that, we, the sons and daughters of this couple; Mrs Zaiton and Mr Mukhtar actually form a new bond. A bond which make us love each other in a nonchalant and enjoyable way. My mom would watches Pasta with my exceptional youngest brother. My dad would bring my exceptional youngest brother to mosque for Maghrib and Isya' prayer. But, the fun and nonchalant part is when my brother would actually crack some jokes and my mom would actually laughed at them. I dunno, it's kinda weird because when we were young, my mom was very strict and my dad would give this stern, scary looking and we would all be all silent as mouse. Haha. But now, things are all different. And I actually like it.

Haha. My mom is now a little bit fun and all outgoing and my dad is no longer a very frightening principal in our house. And, I am glad of those facts. Haha. Alhamdullilah. Thank Allah for that!

And MUET, well, MUET. It's been four week since I'm home and only yesterday I started to have a look at some practices. Ehm, I just hope I have enough strength to continue revising for MUET. Allah, do give me strength.

PS: I actually don't know what I was rambling in this post except for the MUET part. 

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