Tuesday, 4 November 2014


It's never fun, you know, when you are just giving out your opinions and people mistaken them for something else. And apparently, at this moment of the time, not many university students like to talk about politics. To them, it's a waste of time and a distraction for them to learn in class. But you know what? That's fine. Everyone has the right to express their feelings, everyone is entitled to the freedom of speech. So that's fine. And I'm trying to celebrate individual differences.

So, last Monday (3rd November) was kinda a bad day for me. I mean, not in a way it went on and stuffs. It went on fine. Until a read a series of tweets from some juniors criticizing me and telling me to "shut the fuck up". I'm not here to act like some senior who is a know-it-all, a moving-information-counter or anything. I know things as much as my juniors do. Heck, I think some of them know more things than I do.

It all started this morning in the philosophy and education class. The lecturer was talking about how there is freedom in UM because there's no curfew and stuffs. And I didn't completely agree with that (still don't completely agree to that). I mean, yeah sure, the students are free to come back to their colleges at any time they one. And the freedom stops there. I don't see any freedom of speech, or freedom of expression. I cited few examples and said the name Fahmi Zainol (which is now a taboo in UM). I don't completely support the whole event. There are some things that are worth highlighting in the programme. And the fact that the administration decided to stop the students from going to the event, to me, gave students all the more reasons to go there and see it for themselves. The examples just happened to be there. I was not showing any support to any political bodies.

I was said to be distracting the whole class by talking about politics and sharing my opinions and the issue. I was told to "shut the fuck up". I was said to "menyemak in that class and I shouldn't be there". And I was said to be sarcastic and labeling those who don't support the opposition party as "macai". I was cited to be so outspoken. I was told I shouldn't be there in that class with them.

So here's my way of explaining myself and my stance. I'm not there to educate the juniors, nor telling them who to support and not support. I'm not there to diss them and be sarcastic of their choices and opinions. I mean, I geddit, you could have gone through events that have made you lose your faith in this one political body. I have never used the word "fuck" to anybody and I know this might be unrealistic but I expect the same thing from other people. If I don't call you "bitch" for having that sour and uptight expression on your face, you don't have the right to throw the word "fuck" to my face. I have all the rights to be in that class. You saying I shouldn't be there just prove that you don't think I don't have the right to education. Like excuse me, did you learn nothing throughout the 7 weeks of lecture in the philosophy class? Oh that's right, you're too busy flaunting you phone and tweeting how your life is important and how others' are mediocre and uninteresting. Yeah, now I'm being sarcastic. I have the right to be in that class. I have the right to voice out my opinion. I have the right to ask questions, and question you. I pay my fees as much as you do. So who are you to tell me I shouldn't be in that class? When I said "macai", I didn't refer it to you. It was just an answer to the lecturer's talking about how some people are too extreme in fighting for the political bodies. Bro, you supporting opposition party doesn't mean you are a macai. Get your definition right. If you feel like I was referring to you, girl, you're in for no treat. Stop feeling like the universe revolves around and only you. I don't have the time to entertain your childish insecurities and inferiority issues.

You know what? I'm done  being nice to you. You can be bitchy all you want. I'm gonna pretend like things are fine and there's nothing wrong. My life's great. Why would I let some stuck-up, bitchy girl dictate my whole life?

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