Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I was told to do so. So, why not?

I met Cik Ghazally ( preferrably known as CikGhazz) today. And he was asking about my UPU's applications.
Here are what we had been talking about:

CG : So, Ainaa. Congratulations!

I was like, WTFish!

Ainaa : But, CG, why? I don't get straight A's. I only get _____toootttt____
CG : I congratulate every single students I thought who just got their result.

And I was like, oh, okay. Completely speechless, dumbfounded. Whatever you call. Yeah, flabbergasted!
And then he asked me what I want to do after this. I said, I applied for TESL, Law, Asasi Sains Hayat and Agriculture. He asked me whether I really like TESL. And, I was completely confident and said - Yeah CG! I like English ever since in primary school. But I really like TESL after hearing lectures on English Grammar from Encik Azizi Basar (He's our lecturer. Car-maniac, for Allah's sake!) 

But, Sir Azizi doesn't mention about the easier part of TESL. He kept saying, "OK Aina. If you want to take TESL, you have to write an introduction about 1000words." And I was like - OK. Be optimist! Nothing is easy in this world. Even when you are starving and you want to eat, you still have to open wide your mouth, chomp the food, chew it, then you swallow it. And the process doesn't end there. Same goes to learning. Even the famous brand NIKE use the quote - NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

When I was being confident and optimist, people might be thinking - GTH! Snobbish little rascal. Over-confident. But this is my life. I choose my own way. Yeah man, I do know that this world doesn't function according to my personal needs. But still, does it hurt to dream?
HLOVATE mentioned in her novel, Rooftop Rant about dream. She wrote : " Dare yourself to dream and dare yourself to achieve it."See! So, it is not a sin to dream. But, try achieve it. Or else you would end up becoming the 21st century Mat Jenin.

PS : The reason why I start blogging is because Cik Ghazally told me to do so. He said this is the latest way of our generation to learn. Huahhhh! :D

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