Tuesday, 29 March 2011

World Without Bookss

Ever imagine what would this world turns to if there is no book? No magazine, no papers (my dad would be dying if there is no newspaper, one thing for sure). I like reading. Especially novels. And I am very choosy when it comes to books (Who doesn't? You spend a lot of money on certain book, but the content is just a piece of rubbish. Definitely sure you would be madly pissed eyy?)

When I read certain books, I also likes giving my personal review about the books. (Or if you like reading mags, you would be giving review on certain eye-catching articles.)

Put your hands up if you read Harry Potter (I do!). Teehee. :D . Well, as I mentioned before, I am very choosy. I read Harry Potter because the content is, I should say was very real. When JK Rowling wrote about how Lord Voldermort tried to kill Harry when he was a little boy, I could actually imagine, Harry, a one-year-old boy, hanging on the crib, looking curiously at the wand. Plus, the vocabulary in the books was spectacular! For example- flabbergasted, chivalry, male-diction. (Well, if you are a genius, you might have heard or see it somewhere. But I ain't a genius. :) ).

I also read Malay novels. But I don't read romance. Malay novels especially romance is extremely nauseous. Why am I saying this? Most of the authors of this kind of genre tends to describe the main characters in the novel as a perfectionist. As an example, if a guy - tall. long, silky hair. muscular. cool. masochist. And if a girl - alabaster skinned, slim, red lips, well mannered. So, if any normal guy or girl reading this novel, he or she would suddenly feeling inferior (Same goes to me!).

But not all Malay novel's authors are like that. Ramlee Awang Murshid's novel is cool! And then, Fatimah Syarha, Dr Farhan Hadi Mohd Taib - they wrote Islamic novels - the novels are spectacular! The plot is very interesting. You can stop once you read them. Trust me! Try read Denyut Kasih Medik.  And then, I also prefer reading novels from Hlovate. Ever heard of the name?  She uses two languages in her novels ( Malay and English) which gives a really big help for those who are still in the process of learning both languages ( same here!)

So, if you hate reading, try it. It's a lot of fun. You can read anytime. While you are bunking off, having tea with you family or when you are insomnia ( I do this most of the time. :P).
Dr. M said : " Readers today are tomorrow's leader."
So, get off from the laptop screen and start reading! - Pushy me! :)

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