Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rooftop Rant - Book Review

Hiya people! Have you read Rooftop Rant by Hlovate? If not, please, do read this book. I recommend to you guys, who are in the process of reading books.

Okay, why? Because this book is really interesting (Duhh! It is interesting. If not, why would I writing a review on this book). The plot is beautifully written. Yeah, you might get confused when you read the first chapter (Well, I know I do. Teehee). I don't have any idea what is this book about actually. But, after reading approximately about 12 pages, I can't put this book down! Seriously, this book is kind of Harry Potter series, but in Malay version, written by Malaysian author (round of applause and standing ovation for Hlovate please!)

This book is actually about 16-year-old teenage girl, Khairul Batrisya Mazni which is also known as Trisy. She faced a really huge problem which turned her into a rebel. She cut her hair short, wearing shirt with skulls and Indiana Hemp artwork on it and a hypoglycemic. Then, one day, she skipped her tuition class (Don't try this at home!) and started hanging out at the rooftop. There, she met a guy,which was Jade or Mohd Zaid Mohd Tajudin, wearing a John Lennon spectacles, sketching with his Pilot Shaker mechanical pencil.
 To make this story short, they became best friends, ranting with each other. Inspire each other to be a better person. And they are near to their dream ; eternal happiness. Interesting, right? They got married with each other at last because they knew each other too well.

There are so many quotes in this novel that I like such as :

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all - from the movie MULAN

Living in the midst of high achievers ain't all waltz

Hemingway said : Life breaks us all, but in the end we are stronger in broken places

Trisy : I hate the alter-ego lawyer too.

Jade : Be my wonderwall? 
(You can use this quote while proposing to your loved ones :P )

And there is these phrases which is a real eye-catching for me.

Lekiu : Friends?
Trisy : The basic definition?
Lekiu : I'll try my best?
Trisy : Will do. By the way, Irah can be a good friend too. By all the means of the word.
Lekiu : Trisy, I seriously don't know you.
Trisy : Makes the rest of us.
*Rooftop Rant by Hlovate. Page  478

Besides, this novel use bi-language which are Malay and English. So, go to the nearest  book store and grab this novel, NOW! Happy reading. (:

Here you go! Don't forget to read and give your own, personal response. 

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