Wednesday, 30 March 2011

SPM's result. ):

Hiya. Especially to those who just get their SPM's results. Congratulation to those who achieved their target (I am not included because I didn't ended up well as I thought.). Sobs. But, enough about feeling hopeless, irritated or anything negative about your achievement. Believe me, there's no use even if you cried your eyeballs out! Now, let's think about the future.

As the famous saying goes :
Let bygones be bygones.

So, stop crying and think about your future. No more those sad face, okay! Chillax ( I love this word! Teehee. ). It's not yet the end of the world y'know ( When I heard people saying this to me, I was like - You now nothing, man! Butts out!). But, after a long duration of time, I think that, yes, it is true. SPM is not the end of the world, yet. Even excellent students during SPM could face failure if they don't work hard in the future. Agree? (I do!) 

Enough blabbering. So, where are you heading to after this? Foundation? Matriculation? Or maybe Form 6? It doesn't matter about your choice. Just work hard, do everything full-heartedly. And, Insyaallah, Allah will grant your wish. 

PS : TESL is quite interesting. Don't you want to try? ( I do!)

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