Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Emotions :)

Heya. Let's talk about emotions. Teehee. I like talking about emotions. Because, when it comes to emotions, I would be thinking about facial expressions. Yes. Smirk, frown, smile, anything. Cool eh? You know what? When I was in secondary school, my face was like this :

This is just an example. Annoying huh? I know!

But now, I am like this :

Teehee. Smile :D

Sometimes, people show emotionless face with strangers. And I am included in this category. Yeah. People always thought I am snobbish. But once they heard me talking, OMG, they cannot stop laughing. I was like, WHAT? LOL. Yeah, I am very friendly. With someone who I am familiar with. But, with strangers, I am completely vicious, arrogant and show-off ( Whatever you want to call me. I am used to that!)

Research shows that when you smile, about 15 muscles in your face move! COOL! So, let's us be grateful with Allah's greatest gift and smile. That's right! Smile. It won't hurt you even a bit. 
Now, I am in UTHM, I met a guy whom I called "Heartless" because of his face. His face is completely expressionless. And, when I talked to him, he would either nod or shake his head back to forth. And I would say - Am I talking to a Charlie Chaplin? I hate to talk with people who would just stay silent and remain passive and doesn't give any response. Do you know how it feels? It feels like talking to the myself. 

Thanks to Allah, after a while, he started to respond. (Anyone who befriend with me would be talkative. Believe me! Teehee.). And now, he starts to smile and frown and piss off. Finally! No more emotions-deficiency disease. 

Okay, what am I trying to say is, it doesn't hurt to smile. Smile can make you a well-mannered person you know? Well, try it. But, don't smile to yourself or else people might be thinking you are suffering from either mental retardedness or brain haemorrhaging. HAPPY SMILING! :)

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