Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Why Korochan?

4th post in just a day! Maniac ( I know, high self-conscious). Do you like kids? Well, I do! In fact I love kids. More than I love my books collection (This is to show how much I care about kids.)

PS : If you abuse your children in front of me, I would kill you, IMMEDIATELY!

My cousin's son, Zhariff Luqman bin Zamri (which I call Koro-chan) just turns three months. Aww, sweet little kiddo. When I see him, I just want to kiss and give him bear-hug as much as I could. If you have a baby, I can babysit for you. :)
This is how I get the name of my blog's link. Even Koro-chan's mom doesn't agreed when I called him like that before. But, then, she also called him Koro-chan. Teehee. I told you so. Every single names I gave will be phenomenal.

Meet my dearest little kiddo KORO-Chan!

See, isn't he adorable! Small fist. Holooo! 
PS : Must be inherited from his vogue Mak B! :D

Koro-chan wearing romper with monkey on it. 

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