Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Change * Manglish, AGAIN!

Assalamualaikum. Hiya. Have you ever heard this quote :

People change.

Ever heard of that? Sadly, not everyone can accept when you want to change for good. Contohnya, bila anda ingin berubah dari tidak memakai tudung kepada memakai tudung. People will respond both in positive and negative ways. If postitive, the people would say :

1. Alhamdulillah you have changed for good
2. You look prettier when you wear hijabi.
3. I pray for you that you will wear hijabi forever.

But, if people can't accept you when you changed for good, they would something like these:

1. Bajet alim lah kau.
2. Apasal kau pakai tudung? Dandruff?
3. Weh, kau pakai tudung, dah gaya macam ustazah dah.

SEE, typical Malaysia. Is it that hard to accept changes? Muhasabahlah diri kita bersama. I am not sharing this post just o show to the world that I am alim and everything.
NO! Definitely no. I never want to gain publicity for controversialists writing or anything. No. I just want to share my thoughts. My tiny weeny thoughts. Don't take it the wrong way, people.

And I am so very really sorry if I hurt your feelings when you read my writings. 

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