Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Syukur! *Being grateful

Assalamualaikum. Ever since I wrote about COUPLE, people started to give more feedback than I thought I would. Numbers of comments, and he article even being shared once by anonymous. Thanks a lot. Syukran. Lots of loves for you guys.

Now, I want to share something about being grateful. Grateful means bersyukur. In my own definition, be grateful means, I accept what I get and say Alhamdullilah. And then, if I don't get what I want, it means that I don't deserve the thing that I want, yet.

How do you define "syukur" ?

Lately, I sensed that I am being less grateful *Actually, this started long ago, but only now I realize about this. LOL*. Yeah, I am not being grateful.

Situation 1 :
B : Ainaa, congratulations on your SPM result!
A : Nahh, it was nothing. I only got few A's only. Not straight A's
- complete with muka-minta-penampar

Situation 2 :
A : What do you get for your trial SPM?
T : I got 4A's. You?
A : I only got 8A's
T : Awesome! Straight A's will be in your grasp, man!
A : I wish - with muka-tak-boleh-blah!

Situation 3 :
R : You got interview for TESL?
A : Yep!
R : Congrats!
A : Yeah. Thanks. Whatever.
Situation 4 :

Anonymous : Ahhh, nak balik! - mak kat dalam johor je
A : - dengar sambil rasa macam nak cakap :  WOI, MAK KAU KAT JOHOR JE! NAK BALIK, BALIK LAH! MANGKUKS,

PS I didn't say a word because thinking that I might hurt her feelings.

.'. You should be grateful if :
1. You still got your parents
2. You got what you want even though it is not exactly what you want
3. You have perfect body and everything - not handicapped, I mean

PS Even if you are not beautiful, so WHAT? It might be because of you are not your own taste. Someone out there might be jealous of you beauty. So, be grateful and chill!

Below are just a few examples to show the ungratefulness * I am not being grateful enough*. There are lots more we did every single seconds, every single minutes, hours, days, months, years. Yeah. You might be thinking you are being modest, down-to-earth and everything. But, no you are not. I see myself as being denial whenever I am not being grateful. And that is why, I try to change this. But still, changes does not occur in sec just like that. It takes times. Loads of 'em.

When people say to me,
"Hey, you are cute!"
I would say,
"Choose. Kick or punch?"

Actually, I should say like this.
"Thank you very much. This is all from Him."

See, being grateful ain't that hard, peeps! So, next time, if people compliment you, or congratulate you, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?

YES! Say Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for His greatest gift *even if you think you are not the same as what people say when they complimented you*

PS I am so very sorry if any of you feel aggravated, or mad, or pissed off with my recent writing! Unintended,

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