Thursday, 21 April 2011

okay, WTH. Let's try this (:

Hiya. It's been ages since I last updated my blog. - Yeah, I know. I've been quite busy. Last night, I chatted with my friend, Azzim. We had quite a fun time together - I'm LOLing. - BTW, do you know that OMG and LOL and <3 is now available in the latest Oxford English Dictionary? Cool eyy?

Okay, this is it! - ALittleConfession

I LIKE YOU, but it's not worth it. Being in a relationship is a burden. Either to you or me. It's the same.

I HAD A CRUSH ON YOU, but still, just a crush is nothing. It is still HARAM.

I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LIKE YOU,  but still, this is totally unimportant. And I don't want you to know about this because this might hurt our friendship. Friendship till the end, eyy.

PS Don't worry about this, its just a plain crush. Not worth even a penny. Weeee. I don't a man to live, yet (except for my father and my siblings.) Teehee.

I am a strong, independent woman who does not need a man by my side, yet. - I wish this so so so bad!

That's all. Thank you for reading this crap. (:

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