Monday, 4 April 2011

It's been a really hectic week, people!

Hiya. My weekend wasn't so great. In contrast, it was really really exhausting. *Okay hyperbola! Backhand please. The residental college where I stayed for the past eleven weeks *torture* just held some sort of occasion. Gegar TF. Seems like the programme wasn't that fun though. It was quite boring actually. Except for the cultural performances on that Saturday night. It was absolutely spectacular *proud*. First batch of pre-diploma students won 1st runner up and 2nd runner up. Isn't that something that should be proud of?

And then, on Sunday. Because of extreme exhaustion from the last day, I just bunked off and slept in till the clock stroke 10. *For sure my mom would babbled non-stop if she know I slept in till 10. Teehee. I didn't even touch my stacked-up assignments. *naughty!*. And then, that afternoon I went to BP Mall to find some gifts for my two little dearest, Iffah and Ofi. Their birthday bash will be held in the future weeks I guess. Can't wait!

On Monday *which is today! I watched The Sorcerer's Apperentice this morning for my group assignment. And then we headed to E15 for English Grammar. But the subject was cancelled *sigh* and I just hopped on the bus and headed back to my room. Grabbed my things and headed back to Pusat Niaga Siswa. Photostat certain docs and had my lunch *tempe+sambal kicap, chicken curry, Yummy! Then, went back to my room. Solat. Then, take a nap. At three, I ran to the library *group discussion*. At 5 went back to my room. Sadly, I left my key in my room. I was locked from outside * Total jerk, I am!* So now, I just hang out at my classmates' room. 

Till then, bye!

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