Friday, 1 April 2011

Crush (:

Ever had a CRUSH on someone? No? (Liar! :P ). I am really sure each and every one of us have a crush on someone. And, that shall depends on the person whether he or she wants his or her crush to be tall, or short. Long hair, or army haircut. Alabaster-skinned or dark. Depends on individual's taste. Well, I also had a crush on someone. I HAD a crush on someone. It happened when I was in Form Three. He was my classmate. We were very close. Yeah, like real BFF, you know. And I had a crush on him for three years. THREE YEARS, PEOPLE (Amazing eyy?). But, I don't like commitment in relationship. The only commitment I could think of is being a good child towards my parents (Ma and Ayah) and be a well-behaved sibling (:

Okay, back to the trilogy of my crush-pathetic-story. This guy is quite tall. About 6'2", I guess. Slim, lanky figure. Messy hair. Hate tucking his shirt in (yeah, he's notorious! Back then, I liked bad boys.). But, know what? I gave up on him. Because he was demanding! He said to me - I need you to gain some weight, wear something to look more feminine and yada yada yada I DON'T CARE! I was like, WTH man! No way, for Allah's sake I would change my entire life just for a silly guy who doesn't have even a penny in his pocket.

PS : To all people out there, be YOURSELF. I mean, be your BEST-self.
It's actually not wrong to like someone, okay. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Be a good slave towards Allah, love your family and love yourself. Happy seeking your soulmates. (Yucks!)

Enjoy the song (:

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