Monday, 17 October 2011

A Letter to Someone Who Hurts Me Recently

This post is included in 30 Days Challenge.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

This is a letter to this anonymous who hurts me recently. But, it is okay. I already forgive for everything you did. Human makes mistakes. So, I am too, human, makes mistakes for letting myself being hurt by you.

Dear Anonymous,
You are a very good-hearted person. You are a well-mannered with good reputation person and everybody has no issue with you. And, with that, I made a mistake. I have heard you recited the Quran twice and those are enough for me to fall head over heels towards you. I seen you wearing Baju Melayu and it melts my heart. Yes, I fall for you because of your soothing voice when you read the love letter compilation sent by Allah through Gabriel to our prophet; Muhammad.

You might think this is weird enough. But, you need to know that, a person falls for another person just because of stupid, silly and out-of-mind reasons. You know, I am not looking for a partner that would lasts for couple years. No. I am looking for a partner that would be with me through my ups and downs, and I promise myself, insyaallah, that I would do the same for my partner too. A partner that would be my side in al-Jannah.

But, I was wrong. 

You are not the one.

And the truth makes me feel down, devastated and crumbled to pieces, literally.

But, it is not 100% your fault. It is my fault, for liking you in the first place. So, I am sorry. But, I am hurt. Because you were not serious about all of this. Guess that 18 is too young to think about all this, I guess.

I just wish you have a good life in the future, insyaallah.
If you are mine, thank Allah. Even if you are not mine, He might have a greater plan for me in the future (:
Don't worry, I am strong enough now.

Munierah Ainaa Mukhtar

# Insyaallah, I will stop liking you if you think that is the best for both of us (:

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