Monday, 17 October 2011

Day 23; 15 Facts About Me

My real name is Munierah Ainaa Mukhtar. But I do not fancy the idea of people calling me Munierah. So, my friends would either call me Ainaa, Emme/ M or Mun. 

I don't like coffee. The aroma is delicious. But the taste is not as delicious as the aroma. 
And, I prefer tea better compared to other beverage.

I like citrus fruits very much. I love oranges, mangoes and lemons. 
The taste is kinda like an agent that triggers me to be more active and talkative. Hihi

I don't like to approach strangers to make new friends. But when people approach me, I could be friendly and talkative in no time.

I am quite outspoken in speaking up my mind. And, some people thought I was being rude. I am very sorry if you were once harassed by my outspoken attitude. I didn't mean it that way, actually. Teehee

I don't like biscuits and crackers much actually.

I prefer breads compared to cakes.

I love cooking but most of the dishes are not eatable. 
In other word, a complete failure.
#Well, not really. I am learning to cook right now. So, I guess, I do pretty good so far.

I am very enthusiastic and dramatic when I am telling stories. My hand gestures could actually hurt people when I am telling stories.

Sometimes, I could be very heartless and emotionless. And, I actually like it.

I don't like the colour pink. No, I hate it, so far. Because, I think the colour only suits for those who are feminists and I am definitely one of them. Besides, I think when I am wearing pink, it actually makes my cred and reputation crumble to pieces. Literally and figuratively.
*No offence to all pink's die-hard fans

I am quite vicious and brutal. I have bad reputation about hurting, smacking and slapping my classmates when I was in primary and secondary school. My mouth are quite rude, too. Now, I am the process of controlling these and having crash course about anger management.

Even though I am brutal and quite tomboyish, I love and adore kids very really much. I love them very much. And one of the main reasons why I want to get married early is because I want my own babies and kids. Hihi

I don't like egg yolk and I rarely eat vegetable. I only eat both of these only when I am in the mood.

I rarely have stage fright when doing presentation in class, but I am afraid of talking in thousands or hundreds of crowds and spectators.

I think when guys wear baju melayu look sexier and more handsome compared to those who wear shirts.

I am obnoxious, childish and silly when I am talking.

I never acknowledge the way I act or talk unless people tell me so.

I am the die-hard-fan of reading.

I am a nerd, but I love bullying my friends.

I am an ego-maniac

# And, that's is all about me. There's more, but I am too lazy to type it. Hihi

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