Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 25; WHO AM I?

  • His daie
  • My mum and dad's daughter
  • A very cerewet aunt to my nieces and nephew
  • A very talkative and unpredictable friend
  • A lazy student of Asasi TESL
Day 26; A photo of where I want to go

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Of course I want to go to Mecca to form Hajj. But, in the nearest time, I wish I could go to Sabah. I want to see by myself and feel the super-clear water, white sandy beach and tonnes and tonnes of aquatic and marine life.

Day 27; What kind of person attracts you

A person could be a friend, a companion, a husband, a daughter, or anything. A person that attracts me to be his/ her friend is when he/ she could actually be my crying shoulder. This might sound cliche, conservative and orthodox or anything. I'm game. And, I am still sticking to my point here. It is hard to find friend who would be with you through your ups and downs. There are some, but it is a very very rare species. Hihi. Besides, a person who attracts me to be his/ her friend could be someone who could tell me what I do wrong, and could lead me to do good things. 

Well, that's it. I already mentioned about the characteristics of man of my dream before. 

Day 28; In this month,what have you learned

I learned to cook. I learn to speak in English fluently. I learn to be a good friend. I learn to be patient. I learn to His daie. I learn to be a good daughter and sister. I learn to handle stress and manage anger. And so much more....

Day 29; Something you could never get tired of doing

Reading. That's the one.

Day 30; A photograph of yourself today+three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

I don't know why, but I really love this picture. I capture it myself. But, I am not yet an expert. Still in the process of learning, though. Hihi

Three good things in the past 30 days ++?

First, I discovered that I am not a bad cook myself. I could actually cook as long as I measure the ingredients with right proportions, everything would be fine. -,-

Second, I learned that it is not easy for you to forget someone after you said you like him. I happened to experience this for the last 30 days ++. In fact, I am still feeling it now. It is hard for me to just forget, you know. Even though people change, weather change, time change, everything change, I wonder if this feeling would change *chewah, gedik*
You know what, you hurt me a lot. But I don't mind. Because I know, this is all trials, just trials from Him to see whether or not I am strong.

Third, I learned that to be a home-maker, a housewife and a mother is not simple. After I took care my nephew and nieces for 2 weeks, well, it is not easy I tell you. It is very exhaustive. I wonder how my mother could still survive until today. Two thumbs up for all the mothers in this world! Jyeah! 

I ♥ Mom!

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