Thursday, 29 December 2011

Personality Quiz by Quizilla.


The result of the personality quiz:

You represent white. You are a very introverted person, making it hard for others to read you. There is one thing that is certain, and that is that you are a deep thinker. You think twice and speak once, and you only speak when necessary. Lastly, you are a smart person. Talented to, however you may not know what your talent is yet.

First of all, I don't fancy white much. I prefer black more than white. There's a bit of clash there. Haha. And, I am not an introvert. Gosh, I am talkative and the ironic part is that I am introvert. What does that suppose to mean? To tell me to stop talking? Haha. That would be possible, in your dream! Haha. I am a deep thinker? And I think twice, I speak once and I speak only when necessary? Er, that shall be depends on what am I thinking about. Sometimes, I think before I speak. But, most of the time, no. Haha. Smart- er-- no comment. Talented? Me dunno that. Haha.

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