Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guide Me To The Right Path

Hey there. Assalamualaikum. How's life treating you?

Me? I think I am quite good so far. I am taking driving license so far. And that's it. Others are just some chores need to be done.

I am triggered by something interesting today. The teacher that taught me to drive earlier was in great shock when I told him I used to be "naughty" before. Not naughty capturing all those nude pictures and whatsoever. No no no! Naughty in terms of bad, devilish, whatever you say, I'm game. That was before.

Now, I am trying to be better. Trying to be good. Trying not to be obnoxious. But, the question here, how do you whether you are good enough?

Yes, I am sorry that I am not good enough.

Dear Allah,
I am sorry for being such a bad slave. I never find You unless I am in trouble and I need You to listen to my endless rants. I am sorry for only reading Quran once in a while. I am sorry for not istiqamah in reading Al-Mathurat. I am such a bad slave. I am not promising anything, but You know everything I think and I want, and I hope You can make those things easier for me. Dear Allah, lead me the right way. I need Your guidance and I need YOU!

Dear Muhammad SAW,
I am sorry for not being a good muslim. I hope Allah would not punish you for every evil deeds I commit. I am sorry. Insyaallah, I will try to be a good Muslim and good Mukmin. I love you very much ya Prophet Muhammad.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am never a good daughter aren't I? I never listen to a word you guys said. I always rebel in silent. I never hug you guys. I am too embarrass to hug you guys. No no no no. Don't take it the wrong way. I love you guys very much and I am proud of you guys both. I am embarrass because of my own self. I am afraid that people might label me something indecent and inappropriate. But, I know no one would dare to do so, but still... I will make you guys proud of me one day, insyaallah!

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