Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nervous energy gone crazy

Okay nervous energy. Get outta my head now.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

Dah bang Isyak. Dan aku masih depan laptop.
So, life goes on as usual. Tadi Fatheen datang, and so this weekend Kak Yana asked me to take care of her. No probs (: I would love to, I said. I want to go to Kak Aiza's house this Saturday, but not sure sure how will I go there. My sis wouldn't drive me. She's afraid of the road. Haha baik tak payah ada lesen =,=

So talk about driving license, tomorrow I have QTI. I can remember the meaning of the abbreviation. It something like a test with qualified teacher from the driving school. I am kinda nervous. I can drive pretty well, I think. Considering no enjin mati tengah jalan, forget to release the handbrake or whatever. I think I could do well tomorrow. Insyaallah. 

Wish me luck, to those who read this. Assalamualaikum (: May Allah bless. Peace and out.

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