Monday, 30 July 2012

A Red Rose

A Red Rose
By: Munierah Ainaa Mukhtar

Women are like roses,
Roses are red,
Which says women are full of passion, and love.
Roses are full of thorns,
Which says only the right guys can handle with care.
The petals are delicate,
Which shows women are very delicate,
Even though they look hard on the outside.
Roses have sweet smell,
Which says women are very sweet,
Even the thorns are hurting the holder.

Some women said they are like roses,
But don't act like one.
They don't shield themselves
Against guys who just want to have fun,
Guys who just want them for what they see,
Guys who are not taking them seriously.

Women sell themselves cheap.
Dignity are for nerds,
And modesty are for morons.
That's what they say,
And think.
But they are completely wrong!

Kudos to you sisters,
For being the red, thorny roses.
For being expensive.
For being modest and dignified.
For caring about yourselves.
And for waiting the right guy,
Who will walk with you,
To Jannah.

Think again, women,
Red, thorny roses,
Worthless plastic red roses?
You choose.
Your call.

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