Sunday, 29 July 2012

Kid (Poem)

By: Munierah Ainaa Mukhtar

Someday you'll be an adult,
You'll be a gentleman,
Or a lady,
A good and modest one.

So, kid
Grow up good,
Listen to what your parents said,
Ramblings might be gold,
And silence might be worthless at this point.

Never leave the 5-times prayers,
If you do, qadha!
Keep on doing all the good things you do,
And leave all those fouls.

Don't be a snob,
Don't be a jerk,
Don't be lazy.

Do what Allah told you to,
Do what Rasullulah teaches you,
Do what your parents told you to.
And best of all,
Practice all you preaches,
And walk you talk.

When the right time comes,
Find your soul mate,
Who would stay with you,
Through your ups and downs,
To share your happiness and sadness,
Who would give you shoulder to cry on,
And someone who you could lend your shoulder to,
Most of all, 
Find a soul mate and settle down. 

If you are a guy,
Pay some respect to ladies,
Treat them like they should be treated.
And if you are a girl,
Be expensive,
Don't sell yourself cheap,
Be modest and keep calm,
Because the right guy will come,
If not here, it will be in Jannah.

Grow up good,
I love you though I don't know you,


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