Friday, 3 August 2012

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

This weirdo wants to share something about herself. 

1. I am an attention-seeker. But not in a bad way. Or so I thought. I said so because I like talking in front of crowds. I like people listen to what I am saying. And when I do presentations for assignments, I love to elaborate the points spontaneously and my notes only consist of words. There are no sentence. So, yeah, I am an attention seeker.

2. And eager questioner? 100% positive. Yes, I like asking questions. I dunno whether it's the curiosity that triggers me to ask, or I am just analytical. I just want to know more about things. Or maybe both. Lol. But sometimes, it's a little bit depressing because I know how much this trait annoy the hell out of people. You know, sometimes the questions I ask sound silly and stupid. Or maybe people just don't like to be asked, or in my case, interrogated. But.. Oh, you get the point, right?

3. Behind the stainless steel external hides a handle-with care soul? Uh-huh. Sometimes. That shall depends. I can bear jokes, and some sarcasms. But if it's too much, I would just be the most girlish girl in this world that people have ever met. Lol, that sounds very hyperbolic on so many levels, but yeah. 

4. Have difficulties in differentiating jokes to sarcasm. Sometimes, I thought my friends are just making fun outta me, or they are just joking. But I thought they are being sarcastic and satiric. Or vice versa. Truth is, I don't get sarcasm. So, you should talk to me in a point-blank manner. Straight-forward. No layers. No sarcasm. Deal? 

5. When I typed LOL, I would smile a little and then my face just become poker face. I dunno why. Is it too weird? Oh who am I kidding. 

Missing the classmates (:
"Memories don't fade away. But people die, every day!"

Get this lotsa time. But still, why am I not immune to this question yet??

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