Monday, 6 August 2012

Past-Midnight Thoughts.

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

It's the middle of the past-midnight and I still haven't slept. And in my mind, there are literally lotsa random thoughts about my life and what I've gone through so far. And, they do have something to do with the environment I am in. The friends, the family and stuffs.

1. My friend had just popped the best news. He said he got the placement and it is at his dream place since forever which is Ireland. He has always wanna go and study medicine there. I hope he will do well there, insyaallah. Though IB hasn't finished yet, I know he will do well, insyaallah. he has always been so hardworking and he knows what he want in his life.

2. This got me thinking. If he can get what he want, so do I. I can get what I want. As long as I work hard, play hard, pray hard, I will get what I have dreamed of since I was little. Insyaallah. And, this friend of mine, he always knows what to do with his life. He even made a plan for himself, and stuff. But I just wait. Because every plan I made, they all just went down the bin. Not many of them worked as much as I planned. So, now, I have to be a realist and start planning for my future according to my abilities and my achievements. I should stop goofing around and daydreaming and start working. Seriously working in pursuing the ladders to my dreams.

3. Smoking is an ailment to stress? *facepalm* I don't know whether this anonymous is just being plain stupid or being honest. For Allah's sake, how come smoking distress you? How come? I feel like putting the Jackie Chan's meme here. Just to make things clear, there are lotsa stuff to distress yourself and smoking is definitely out. Don't be such a goof. You are a muslim, pray to Allah. Ask for strength. Don't act like you are all rich and got your own money and spend em on cartons and cartons of cigarettes. Think la bro, you are burning the money just like that. Imagine the exhaustion and tiredness to get the money.

4. Smoking is definitely not my thing. Dear future husband, please don't be an active smoker. One is enough in my family. I don't want my future kids to be fatherless, and I don't want to be a future single mom. So, future husband, heads up!

5. I think I critic too much. I should just shut up, sit back and watch all the dramas while eating popcors. Hey, or maybe muching chicken fingers. Lol, nights!

May Allah bless and assalamualaikum.

Peace and out, earthlings which consists of brainiacs, planners, non-smokers, active smokers, passive smokers, smoker-haters and random citizens.

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