Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Quick updates

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

Haha I have nothing interesting to share. No stories, no poems, no heartbreaking or happy events whatsoever. Just quick updates on what I've been up to these last few weeks lah I think for this post.

  1. My dad just got a notification last two weeks saying that he is going to be sent back to Kluang, Johor and finish off his two years of service there. So basically we will be going back to my elder brother and sister's childhood estate, and we will be staying at the same house we did back in 2007 till 2010. I love that house. It's huge and the lawn is super spacey. You can literally roll on the grass and just sleep there for as long as you want to. And the house is breezy. We had pokok rambutan and pokok durian back then but dunno if the current tenant has cut them down. Nonetheless, I love that house and I have really fond memories when it comes to Kluang. I'd love to go back there. I'm super excited. The only drawback is that I might be running into schoolmates which I have trying to avoid for as long as I could think of. Yeap, school years were nasty there and the people were nasty and people who claimed to be "my friends" weren't there when I was taunted and bullied. And the saddest thing about that is I still can't move on and get over with the pain of being ignored and unloved. But meh I'm not gonna let that ruin the fact that I'm going back to Kluang. This means I can go back home on weekends. And I can go to uthm whenever I feel like it. And I drive to Bandar Kluang. I can meet friends during pre-diploma. Woooohooooo sooo exciting!

  2. I am now with a guy. Haha that sounds so wrong on so many levels. Met him during masum and now marks about 4 months -ish since we started befriending each other. Basically, he's a more collected and calmer version of me. We are about the same height haha (he gets so angry whenever I call him hobbit). He's a good friend. He tries his best to say the right thing but meh sometimes, all you have to do is say nothing, bud. He was there when I went through tough times during practicum. And I plan to be there for him during his. We'll see how things go from here. If things work out, alhamdulillah. If no, hey, at least it has been one heck of a friendship, no?

  3. I am hella busy with assignments, projects, thesis, training and tournament. Other people have had worse but right now I really can't compare myself to anyone. My sleeping clock has reversed. I would go back to my room at 730pm. Then I would usually pray and eat something, then sleep till 11 or 12. Then I would start doing my stuff at 1 am ish or something. AND I HAVE THIS ONE MINI THESIS I HAVEN'T EVEN EFFIN STARTED I hate the lecturer but I'm trying my best not to flunk the subject. That reminds me. I wanted to file a formal complaint on her but was told no by my classmates so that does it.

  4. A lot has been happening these past weeks. Zul graduated on 4th November. Bob and CF graduated on 27th October -had tonnes of fun visiting them at UPNM though tad bit awkward because I met somebody's ex haha. And my time will come next year inshaallah. 

So that is all. I'll probably write again when I have anything interesting to tell. Bye now. May Allah bless.

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