Friday, 12 August 2011

50th Post: Roomies (:

Heya people. LOL. Its been two months since I've been here but I never post anything about my dearest roommates. Okay, this might sounds corny, over-absurdly-mushy and everything. But, my life have been really awesome with them. *Okay, now say the AWESOME part with diva-like attitude. LOL

Okay, to be honest. At first I was afraid that I couldn't fit in with them. Because well, I am notoriously well-know for being a social recluse. Back in the past, in UTHM. I couldn't fit in. But, Alhamdullilah, here, I feel like at home. Well, its very homey. *I can see that you are now reading my post with awe. And you would probably said "Awww"* Geddit?

Okay okay. Enough of blabbering stuffs. Back to the business *As if*. Lets scroll down and meet my roomies.

Well, to be honest, she is the catalyst for my turning point. Even though she's a bit pushy which inherited a lot form my mother. *Aliya, I think you are know ready to be a mother.* Yes, she could be very pushy and yet such a darling at the same time. I learn so many things from her. I learn to compete with her, healthily. Don't worry, no body is sacrificed, yet. She helps me a lot in things. A very good motivator. Could make me as if I am ten feet tall at the same time could make me feel as if I am just being reprimand by my mom. One thing for sure, she is a very good friend. I love you, mucho, Aliya Khairuddin! 
Qama. To be honest, I never thought I would befriend with the friend of my crush. Geddit? You are confused, I can see that. She's very cool. I never saw her having bad times. So very happy-go-lucky. She's very good at covering her emotions. A very strong and independent girl. She's very confident of herself. Never care about what others think about her. And, always thrash-talking by accident. But, she repented now. Good girl, Siti Qamarina Hamzah! I love you thissssssss much. :HUGS:

Fatin. The Kedahans. Pheww. She always there to accompany me to the toilet. Yeah. I am scared to death of the dark. And, she always there whenever I asked her to accompany me. Thanks Fatin. Besides, she's always have her own way of defining things. She's not judgmental and rarely have stigma or being skeptic towards people around her. Very fashionable and yet very humble. Could be very quiet but could laugh to her highest, possible octaves. Is a very good friend and companion indeed. Very cool and very talkative. I hate you Fatin Ameerah because you make me love you.

Hugs and kisses for you guys. Lots of em. Muah Muah MUAHHHHHH! May Allah bless you guys for eternal. May all your wishes come true. May you guys be cherished with happiness and lots of loves.

Love this much,
Emme (:

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