Thursday, 18 August 2011

51st post: Human, people, satisfaction.

Assalamualaikum. Heya. Lately, things have been pretty hectic, I should say. *I think I always said that my life is full of thorns here.* Well, you know, even a bed of roses, you still have thorns. Well, TESL is kinda difficult. But that's something else. That is not the main idea which I am trying to concede about. *I just learn the word CONCEDE in my Reading class. Hihi. Just feel like I wanna use it*

The main idea of my post is >>>>>>> It is hard to satisfy human's need.
Do you actually agree with me?

Well, lets see some situation shall we?

Situation 1:
E : Hey, I don't like her. Too cheeky to be my friend.
F : What? If you don't like her, then don't say bad things about her. She might hear you. And then, she might dislikes you.
E : So what? *Rolling eyes as if she's a real perfectionist. Yeah right!*
And then, F go to G and said,
 F : I hate her. As if she's very pious and everything. Go to fISHing *I am intended to thrash-talk. But, my mum prohibited me to do so* hell. 
G : Oh really?

Okay, the character F, I really want you to take this post by heart. I really want you to read this and I want you to change. Not because I want to humiliate you in front of the whole wide world. No! I did this, because you are my friend. I want to help you. You keep saying to me, you want to change for good, right? So this is your chance. Grab it.

I am not a good adviser, myself. I always commit sins, I always do bad things. Because I am a human. *Well, didn't that sound really cliche?*

That is why, you said that I am just a moron who thinks I am good enough to advise you. Right? Don't worry. I will never ever going to say anything after this. Not even a single word from, I promise. Insyallah. You can go and rant to someone else. Go rant to who cares and could you good advises.

To the PERSON who read this,
I meant no harm. I don't meant to bruise your ego or anything.
I just want to open your eyes, see the real, naked truth about YOUR-UGLY-SELF.
If a baby swan could change from ugly to pretty, you could do so too. I just wish that you would want to change. That's it! 
Foot note: I just a normal girl. A human. With lots of sins and faults. From the bottom of my heart, I am very sorry for my every wrongdoings.



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