Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Only-God-Know-What-Number-The-Post-Is Post: Confession of a Hypocrite

I feel like, I have to spill something more about myself. So that people would alert more and know and can tell me my wrongdoings. These are all my weaknesses. And, I hope to those of my friends who actually read this and feel like I don't have the criteria to be your friend, well, you can just back off. Don't worry, won't harm you even a bit.

Okay, here goes nothing!

1. I tend to say I don't mind when people insult me but actually I feel like I'm going to punch that person's face real hard.

2. I was a little bit tomboyish and I hate guys back then when I was in high school. But still, I had a crush towards the most moronic guy in that school. Just because he's one of the guys who have the thought he's cool. 

3. The crush lasted until I took my SPM result. I told him, I will only stop liking him if I started talking to him. So, on that day, I said "Hi!" and I walked away.

4. I hardly had friends when I was in school years, because I was very vicious, I liked to abuse them by throwing their bags into fish pond, throw the duster straight to the mouth and it actually bleed.  And sorts.

5. I don't like to be alone. But, no one wanted to be with me. So, I turned into a social recluse. So, if people said I'd rather be alone, they are wrong. If you think so too, you are wrong too. I wasn't a loner, but I was forced to be a loner. Because I didn't behave back then, I guess.

6. I said, "I don't mind" if people use me for their own benefits. (Eg; Asked me for some advice. When he/she overcome the problems, I become invisible. And sorts.) But actually, I do mind. And I feel like I want to say this to his/her face, "You can go and rot in hell!" but, this might harass his/her feelings. So, I just remain silent and play dumb.

--------- To be continued (:

PS; I wanna go home. Wanna come with me?

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