Friday, 21 October 2011

MPI0201A In Memory

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

This is a post I would to dedicate to my former classmates of MPI0201A. Let's just I had the coolest time of my life with all of you; people of MPI0201A.

  • No one is as strict as Abdul Aziz bin Shaharuddin.
  • No one looks as cool as Abdullah Humaidi bin Mohd Khirrudin.
  • No one is as cute as Ahmad Aminuddin bin Soopar.
  • No one is as hot as Ahmad Faridudin Burhan Abadi bin Abdullah.
  • No one is as silent as Aina Farhana binti Rohaimi.
  • No one is as nonchalant as Ajeerah binti Mohd Russlan.
  • No one is as sleepyhead as Ajmal Najiyah binti Mohd Zakki.
  • No one is as beautiful as Amira Aliah binti Abdul Ghani.
  • No one is as funny as Haslina binti Hassan.
  • No one is as obsessed of K-pop as Hirzawati Atikah binti Mohd Tahir.
  • No one is as a good teacher as Khairunnisa binti Sabu.
  • No one is as pretty as Mirrah Diyana binti Maznun.
  • No one could play guitar as good as Mirza Farhana binti Le Romzee, though.
  • No one is as extraordinaire in photo editing as Mohamad Hakimi bin Abdul Jamai.
  • No one is as loud and talkative as Mohamad Naqiuddin bin Mohd Noor.
  • No one is as nonchalant yet serious as Mohamad Safwat Ashahri bin Mohd Salim.
  • No one is as friendly as Mohamed Aiman bin Mohamed Azami.
  • No one is as photogenic as Muhammad Arif bin Mohd Norkulis.
  • No one is as Gleek as Muhammad Asyraf bin Shuib.
  • No one is as sensitive as Muhammad Fariz bin Pugal.
  • No one is as committed as Muhammad Farriz bin Aziz.
  • No one is as patriotic as Muhammad Syafiq Farhan Boo bin Omar Boo.
  • No one is as brutal as Nor Khalidah binti Hassan. 
  • No one is as thorough as Nur Hannah Yee binti Osman Yee.
  • No one is as petite and slim as Nur Hazmira binti Ahmad Zamri.
  • No one is as obsessed of Justin Bieber as Nur Izzati binti Abd. Rahman.
  • No one is as good in financial and saving as Nur Syafiqah binti Sezale.
  • No one is as soft-hearted as Nur Syuhada binti Hamdan.
  • No one is as obsessed of Angry Bird as Nuradriana binti Azman.
  • No one is as know so much about everything as Rafaad bin Roslan.
  • No one is as a good friend and listener as Suffian bin Zainan.

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