Thursday, 1 March 2012

TESL Dah Nak Habis

"I see that you have grown up this semester,"
"You used to ask lots of question. And I still remember, you came late during the first class of Grammar,"

You know what, Madam? I am going to miss you the most when I think about UiTM Lendu later on. I even cried when I hugged you during the last Literature class. I used to like Literature very much and now I like it even more. I am even thinking of it for my minor in Degree later on. But, we'll see though.

Including Madam Nagamany, Miss Ju also said that I do have grown up this semester. Well, I didn't realize it until they pointed that out. I learned a lot here. Not only the subjects, but I learn to be mature, and be bold. More bold compared to before.

Madam Naga do reminds me of my mom where she's now at Sarawak with my dad and the exceptional brother, Mujib. Hahaha. But then, still, she knows a lot about me. I used to rant to her whenever I have problems which everybody knows that my problems are like full circle; endless. She sees the side of me that I don't want people to see and even know.

Thank you, Madam. One day, I want to be a good educator just like you. I want my students, too, love Literature just as I do.

This post is not only for Madam Nagamany Govindan, but also for the educators out there who have the burning passion in teaching and educating the future generation. Cheers for the educators. Mom, I am glad you are a teacher. I love you.

Assalamualaikum. And peace yaw!

*Religion is not a barrier. Skin colours too.

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