Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Life at the moment

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious.

It's been a long time since I last ranted here. Dear beloved blog, you are figuratively left alone and need I to say I am very very sorry for that. Well, my life doesn't really go around posting things on blog cause I am one busy woman. Lol. Not. Okay a wee bit busy. But here I am now. 'Now' is what matters most.

Kay, this week, it was pretty hectic. So did the last few weeks. I have been searching myself. Somehow I felt like I lost myself in the search of path towards Allah's love. That is scary. Goosebumps. Imagine, you are no longer under blessings of Allah *shivers*

1. I have been taking care of my granny since last Saturday. To tell you the truth *if there is anyone reading this* I am not much of a fan of taking care of really old people. I am easily irritated and annoyed by her silly mumblings and stuffs. But as time goes by, I am getting better at taking care of her though I know my mom can take care of her. I bath her every morning at exactly 7 in the morning, then help her to take her ablution, prepare her for Fajr prayer and then take her to the dining table for breakfast. After that, she'd either watch television or have her very long nap. That shall depends on whether she sleeps or not the night before. My sister helps a lot too. And she has greater patience than I do lol. And the rest is history.

2. I've got few lesson from taking care of her. I somehow lost in space for a moment there. I didn't understand why do I have to perform 5 times prayers everyday, why do I have to read the Quran everyday and stuffs. And today I got the answer. And it was very sudden and very eye-opening. For a sec, I was in shock. It's like a meant-to-be kind of thing. Allah knows I am stressing out and He sent my uncle to explain indirectly to me.

3. So here's what happened. I was sleeping this afternoon. It was 1730. I just woke up and I heard my uncle was talking to my granny. And he mentioned about the talk he attended earlier. It was very interesting and he asked my sister and I whether we heard the talk. And my sister said we didn't. Because we were busy... sleeping? Lol. He said to my granny that the ustaz said that it is very important for the youngsters to collect and do as much deeds as they can while they still can. When I say youngster, I meant youngsters as in people who are capable of doing physical activities, who are still strong at hearts and minds, can remember how to prayer and can read Quran and others, oh you got the idea aite? My uncle also said that once you are old and forget things, there's nothing you could do if you can't pray or can't remember how to pray. But all those deeds you do will topup all the lacking-in-ibadah when you are older and no longer capable of doing what is supposed to be done.

4. Light bulb. What if I get older but I am not well prepared enough and ended up dead and tortured by Munkar and Nakir (the Angel of Death)? What if I am pushed into the hellfire instead of going to stairway to heaven? Whoah, those are scary thoughts.

5. So, yeah! Those are the things that I learned so far. And some minor thing happened this week and I am not liking it at all. My friend decided to go all haywire and airhead by confessing to me his feelings *shivers* *goosebumps*

See ya next time insyaallah. Barakallahu feek. May Allah bless!


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