Thursday, 21 February 2013

Be positive

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious.

1. Well, it's the first week of lecture for the second semester. And it's Thursday! And now it is 0953 and I have class at 1200. Hmm, to describe the start of the semester, the classes are all awesome. And I am looking forward to learn more. I have a very good feeling about this semester and I am glad I choose this university now. Finally, I am able to feel good about this rather than fretting about not being able to study in upm. But, that is in the past now. I enjoy it here, and I have awesome classmates and awesome lecturers and those are some of the things that matter most.

2. Even though my life as a student is still is metaphorically a stroll on the beach since we are not assigned with any assignment so far. Even if there is, it's not a major assignment or anything --my life as a human is literally on roller coaster now. I am at the state of emotional wreck. But I am trying to calm myself instead of running to the nearest, darkest corner in my room and cry. No, I don't want that and I am pretty sure my parents will be dead worried if they know about all these.

3. I am not sure what kind of person am I but I don't think I am the one who can stay sad for too long. I don't really portray how I feel physically. I am a keeper. And I do hope I can keep all these problems to myself so that I will not end up worrying those loved ones around me. You know, family and friends.

4. Anyway. You only live once and die once. Why let others ruin your life and you just watch it? Right? I am so gonna take over my own life and decide what's best for me on my own from now on. But with the help from my parents and sibs of course lol because I am literally nothing without them.

5. No matter what, Allah is and will always be the Greatest Helper of all. Allahuakbar!

6. I think I am done ranting and babbling virtually. Have a great day ahead earthlings! Assalamualaikum

Much love,

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