Wednesday, 18 March 2015

So I wrote a poem

#np Sarah Kay's poem, "If I should have a daughter ...". 


So I wrote a poem that defies (I think) 90% of the rules on how to write a poem. I put the title as "I Imagine". 

Tell me what you think of the poem. I'm not the Yoda of poetry but you know, I gotta try. So here goes.

I Imagine

I imagine you having
this pair of dark brown eyes,
that would melt me in a millisecond;
this wavy long jet black hair,
wishing I can run my fingers through it;
this perfectly-shaped nose,
so perfect I just want to pinch it every time I see you.

I imagine you 
scrunching up your nose
every time you think really hard.
Also, you waking up next to me
every morning, till the day I die.
And you hogging the comforter all to yourself
because it is so cold outside.
Plus, us, cuddling under comforter on rainy days,
And you giving me silent treatment
for every time I screw up;
giving me multiple bear hugs every day
no matter how much I say I hate hugging.

Of course I will always want to
snuggle under your armpit,
putting your tie even though I'm bad at it,
do laundry and cook with you,
share your earphone and listen to your favourite songs,
debate over coffee and tea,

I imagine you saying:
"Your best feature is your lips",
"You look spectacular!" 
even though I look like a train wreck
"You be the Player 1 today!"
"Let's go shop for more books!"
"We should buy more bookshelves.."
among other things.

I know it's a tough life ahead
We are going to fight,
disagree, and
throw ultimatums. 

So, here's my promise:
I promise
to always snuggle under your armpits
through good days and bad,
make you coffee and put on your tie,
let you be the Player 1,
for as long as you want to.

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